Well, winter break means a lot of things… for some it means quality family time, for others it means a break from the stress of school work. Well, for this young man it means far too much time devoted to subjects that aren’t worth the brain cells. One such example is Popples. That’s right, everyone’s favorite furry friends.
While there are some undeniable lovable things about them, such as the general easiness. Popples offered a solution for those of us suffering a general lack of coordination who found Transformers way too difficult. Mind you, I had no difficulty in transforming the car into a robot, but it was the putting the robot back into a car that spelled trouble for me. With Popples, all you had to do was take the head and basically stuff it up its own ass. That was all there was to it. You gotta love that.
However, at the same time, there’s something that’s genuinely insulting about Popples too. While it’s nice that it doesn’t require much coordination or skill it’s like being one of those kids who had to wear a helmet when playing soccer because, yeah, he really is that stupid that a game primarily focused on footwork posed a threat to his head. Not to mention the fact that there should be something disturbing about toy companies wanting to get children into the practice of stuffing things’ heads up their own asses. That shouldn’t be one of those things that children need to know how to do but apparently, America has its own set of priorities and needs no recommendations from me. A thousand apologies Corporate America, I promise I won’t do it again.


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