Granola With Raisins or Without?

This is not an attack against the granola community. I mean, after all, who doesn’t love a little granola in their life? It’s more a question of logistics. Now “logistics” and “granola” aren’t very often listed in the same sentence or paragraph even really, but it’s a question that has literally been plaguing my simpleton mind for at least 3 weeks now. The people in my life have already listened to me lodge this complaint time and time again, so what better outlet to voice my opinion when my friends get sick of me than the internet?
Now for all you Kellogg Granola lovers, you may have noticed the two boxes of granola on the grocery store shelf. One is clearly marked “granola with raisins” whilst the other is labeled “granola without raisins”. Now, this may not seem an issue to you, but as just a general loser I can’t help but notice, there’s no “granola”. The granola with raisins is clearly just that, whereas the one sans raisins is obviously “granola without raisins”, but why are these two boxes made? Can’t the granola without raisins be just called “granola” and then keep the granola with raisins box.
When I voiced this complaint to my friend who’s an advertising art major, she said “there’s a market for these things. they make the two boxes because people buy the two boxes”. While I grimly accept this as a fact, I have a noble concept for the good people of America. If you want raisins, buy the box that says granola with raisins and if it just says granola, just assume that means that there’s no raisins in the fucking box! Another concept for all you Kellogg’s lovers out there, if you want granola without raisins… look at the picture on the box! If you look at the picture of the “granola without raisins” box you can clearly see that there are no raisins in the bowl! I’m sorry, but ad execs should really stop catering to the dumb asses and encourage a little deductive reasoning of their customers. It doesn’t seem like it’s asking too much, but hell, what do I know? I’m no advertising art major…


4 thoughts on “Granola With Raisins or Without?

  1. But it is, sadly, because loads of people would run around confused in the stores screaming “IS THERE RAISINS IN THIS ONE?? MY BABY IS ALLERGIC!”
    Even though it’s visible that there are in fact NO raisins in it. There will always be those people. The brands are just saving their asses because you “can sue anyone in the US”. Sad, but true!

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