Facebook Ads Keep Taunting Me!

Dear Facebook,
I understand the basic principles of economics, don’t get me wrong. I get where you have to sell things on the margins of Facebook in order to stay afloat, but can we just take a minute to look at some of the stuff that’s being peddled? In a world that has young clear-skinned starlets selling a thousand and one solutions to all your blemish problems, it’s sort of hard to feel good about one’s self. Now, just for a moment, imagine you’re on your Facebook writing to a friend that you haven’t seen a while and out of the corner of your eye, you see an ad. Not just any old ad, but an ad entitled “Free Chicago Area STD Testing”. Sure, the young man in the ad is handsome and smiling, but let’s be real, no one’s smiling back at syphilis guy. That’s just the facts. That man will forever be known as “STD guy”. Now, I understand no harm was meant by the ad, but we all know that these ads are tailored to specific areas of interests… so what did I do or say to indicate I was interested in STDs or STD testing? I’m not being accusatory, it’s just, is that what people think of when they look at me? Man, I hope not. I mean, committed relationship comin’ up on 8 months now and I’m still getting skank junk mail? Something has got to change. Can’t we go back to the days when my ads were more along the lines of “Ran a marathon? Share you story!” Those were the days, I was at the top of my game, but now, evidently, I’m slummin’ it down here in the internet equivalent of an AIDS clinic. Oh well… at least I tried.


One thought on “Facebook Ads Keep Taunting Me!

  1. I don't even want to THINK about what the ads on my Facebook page say about me (or about what Facebook thinks about me…if Facebook could think…it can't, can it??)

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