Jennifer’s Body’s Got the Look… But Little Else

It’s a rare thing in Hollywood that the screenwriter receives more attention than the director, but such is the case with runaway hit screenwriter Diablo Cody. Though not exactly the same fare as her 2007 hit Juno, Jennifer’s Body features the same obnoxiously indie quips that made Juno so popular. The main thing to note here is that the character of Juno was written as such. She is a bit of an outsider, but when Jennifer, one of the most popular girls at school, starts spouting lines like “You’re lime green jello”, the audience (or at least this audience member) won’t fall for it. Of course Juno had similar lines (after all they were written in the same year) it was more characteristic of the people that inhabited that specific universe. Furthermore, Juno has an advantage that Jennifer’s Body does not and that is the level of acting. Don’t get me wrong, Megan Fox is phenomenal in this role, arguably her best role to date. Then again, there are few other contenders unless someone really wants to try and make a case for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but even then. However, the real problem with Jennifer’s Body is there’s little that can be done with this script.
More importantly, although the Christian Right will have you believe that America has too much sex and violence, horror movies suffer when there isn’t enough. Well, not all horror movies, but for campy fare like Jennifer’s Body it certainly helps. It’s a very specific type of horror movie that needs the sex and the blood to move it forth, but for a movie so suggestively titled Jennifer’s Body, there’s little to write home about. I mean, we’re supposed to believe that this girl is using her body to seduce guys and kill them, but very little of either of these activities is seen. There’s always that strategic cut right before you get to the good stuff, but even with these cuts, Jennifer’s victim count is surprisingly low.
All in all, Jennifer’s Body mainly suffers from the script. The actors try to do all that they can with it, and I have to give credit for that. The movie is fun to watch, but ultimately a letdown. There’s either not enough laughs or not enough guts for my personal taste.


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