Response to an Anonymous Comment

Thank God for the anonymity of the internet. I mean, really, it’s a life saver for some of us out there. Well, not me at least, but I’m sure there are others. Me? I personally was never big on anonymity. For instance, my name is John Calhoun Kersten. I was born and raised in Wyoming, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati for those of you who don’t know it), but now I live in Chicago. For those of you who are interested in sending anonymous diatribes via snail mail, just let me know and I’ll give you the address if you want to send the hate mail there.
Anyway, I’m not sure if any of my 5 readers/viewers (to be clear, I only have 3 followers but thanks for the plus 2) read enough of my post on Serious Moonlight to get to the comments section. In it, someone anonymously posted some rather strong feelings about my approach to the movie. Mind you, strongly enough to post something, but not strongly enough to sign their name. Regardless, I respect their right to feel as they do about me (after all, they say when you receive your first piece of hate “mail” you’ve truly arrived as a writer) but the cowardice of the internet is another issue entirely. While it’s true that the internet is useful for a variety of things, and I admit my own hypocrisy in using it to write and self-promote, I at least have the decency to sign my name to it. I stand by my opinion and sign my name to it, which is certainly more than I can say of some people. Then again, the internet makes cowards of us all.
However, I’d also like to take the time to directly respond to some of the claims made in this poster’s comment. The comment is as follows…
“you wouldn’t know a good film if it smacked ya in the head. Give us a shout when you’re reviewing for a legit publication or outlet that has more than 5 readers/viewers. Then we might take you seriously. And by the way. Youve already been put out of your misery, or at least ours, by being limited to writing in the journalism equivalent of Siberia.”
First and foremost, the term “good” is what us writers like to call an opinion. You can HAVE an opinion, but to be fair, you can’t ever really KNOW an opinion. I guess that’s just semantics, but worth addressing. Also, you might want to stick to a clear voice in your writing. For instance, it’s typically frowned upon to go from slang, such as “ya” to proper grammar, such as “you’re”. While on the topic of grammar, this legit publication you speak of, would it happen to be an institution that can properly spell “You’ve”? I mean, I only ask because I’m curious. You certainly can’t spell it, (there’s that whole tricky apostrophe thing that you forgot) but don’t worry, I’m sure no one noticed. Furthermore, as previously stated, I only have 3 followers, but I appreciate the gesture of good faith. I like to think I’m ambitious, maybe I’ll shoot for 5 readers/viewers one of these days. One of my last points, while “And by the way.” may be a strong jumping off point for you, it’s not what most of us call a complete sentence. Last, and perhaps most importantly, when you say being put of my misery by being limited to writing in the journalism equivalent of Siberia (definitely appreciate the capitalization there) I guess I’m just a little confused. You obviously felt strongly enough to post a response, so your last point seems a little counteractive. I’m obviously effective at something considering I got you that riled up. Maybe you could get back to me on these points and more in another anonymous post? Until then, have a good one.


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