Arrested Development: The One Time I’ve Never been Afraid to be Arrested

As the week draws to a close, I ask you, what TV list is complete without an ode to “Arrested Development”? Although it ran a brief 3 seasons, this show re-defined “cult status”. It’s difficult to say why it went off the air (without an incredibly offensive remark about FOX execs and/or American audiences at least) but it’s good to know that such a show will not soon be forgotten.

At the center of Arrested Development is its incredible cast. While I personally could do with less Michael Cera in the present, he was the perfect awkward/funny (incestuous?) character. He rounded out an already stellar cast. True, he’s probably enjoyed the most success since the show, but if it’s difficult to say who the heart of the show was. Jason Bateman as the straight-laced levelheaded is endearing and adorable in all that he tries to do both for his family and to get away from them. Will Arnett, Tony Hale, David Cross and Portia De Rossi are perfect compliments to Bateman throughout the series. Each of them different, ranging from manipulative to flat-out dumb to the superficial and you have the makings of a memorable television family. However, as true of any TV “family” sitcom, blame it on the parents. Jeffrey Tambor is absolutely hysterical as the father of the family. Jessica Walters shows her true talent for comedy as the disapproving mother. Although it’s hard to pick favorite scenes or characters, the dynamic between de Rossi and Walters is priceless.

Still, I could go on and on about the merits of “Arrested Development”, but just about anyone who’s seen the show could. Just as much as anything else, my attraction to the show is sentimental. When the show first made its way to DVD, I introduced it to my dad who in turn wanted to introduce it to just about anyone he ever met. He was pretty enthusiastic about it… but every so often he and I would hang out together in the basement watching the show entire discs at a time. There was no reason to ruin our “bonding experience” with talking to each other. Hell, that’s what made me love it so much.

The came time for me to go off to college. When I made it here, I was lucky enough to meet some really cool people (as I hope everyone has a chance to do in college) but one of them, my dear friend Alexa, was also a fan of the show. We would quite it to each other all the time (we especially had a knack for inappropriate times) and would watch it over and over sometimes. Some of the best times I had in college where actually, as lame as it sounds, sitting around with friends watching the show. It sounds simple enough and it probably was, but what can I say? I guess I’m a simple man.

For those of you who haven’t watched the show, I can’t recommend it enough. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even be taking the time to read this if you haven’t already seen it. But why am I telling those of you who haven’t seen it to watch it at the end of this piece? Would you really have read this far about a show you’ve never watched? Oh well, here’s to hoping you will. For fans of the show, sound off below. Tell me some of your favorite characters and/or scenes from this dearly departed series.


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