Wild Thing Song

So I’ve been falling off of the whole movie thing this past week and I figured what the hell, a little variety never hurt. In place of movies, I’ve been on a really big music kick, which I expect will continue for most of March (or at least till the second She & Him album comes out).

While I was checking out random stuff on Youtube I came across “missyrenemusic” and was lucky enough to catch her “Wild Thing Song”. Going off of the line, “I’ll eat you up I love you so”, she managed to put together an entire song. It’s impressive to be able to do that and especially such a beautiful song, but the line itself is such a beautiful piece.

The singer has a beautiful voice, which certainly doesn’t hurt the piece, but it’s the heart of the piece that makes it so memorable. It’s a relatively simple song when you listen to it, but I think it speaks for itself. Check it out for yourself with the video below.


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