82nd Annual Oscars Recap

It seems like there just about no surprises at last night’s Oscars. Well, not no surprises (like best documentary short subject? Yeah, i think I missed that one n my Oscar pool) but I’m talking about the big ones. However, for the most part I was okay with it. For instance, did I get a little overly excited that Avatar didn’t win best picture and James cameron didn’t win best director? Sure, I’ll admit to that one. But nothing really matched my feeling when Sandra Bullock won her Oscar.

I understand that The Blind Side is kind of controversial and I could see why some people didn’t like it, but if there were any doubts beforehand, Sandra Bullock’s Oscar acceptance speech really won me over. Not only was the level of sincerity and gratitude almost unparalleled that night, but there’s something to be said about the men and women who know they’ve only got those few minutes up there and choose to honor their fellow nominees. It sounds weird, but it’s just a gesture of good faith that really speaks volumes about the person.

However, while I was feeling the love for Sandra, the most ridiculous moment of the night belongs to Mo’Nique. While I did think she was very impressive in Precious and truly felt that she gave an award-worthy performance (I mean, if we’re not including Julianne Moore that is…) her acceptance speech was laughable to me. Not all of it, some pf it was genuine, but when she said something along the lines of “It’s nice to know that it’s about the performance and not about politics…” What? Did I hear her right? Did she realize that she was the only black woman representing the supporting actresses category? I’m not saying she won it because of that, but don’t dare for a second pretend that it’s not about the politics.

The Oscars are always about the politics of the process. maybe it sounds jaded, but look back over the awards last night. Most of them represented something political. I mean, forget the obvious win for The Hurt Locker, look at the best director win. Once again, I truly believe that kathryn Bigelow deserved it, but that does not change the fact that it is a politically charged act. Even best animated short, which went to Logorama was an incredibly political statement. So I’m just saying Mo’Nique, enjoy the Oscar because you earned it, but don’t even pretend like the Oscars isn’t about politics.


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