So work pretty much officially began yesterday, with my first day of “training”. Of course, this was the first of 5 days of training. Why 5? I couldn’t honestly tell you because I’m pretty sure after about 3 hours, you’ve got a pretty good handle on it.

All in all, I think I’m gonna like it. I like the work atmosphere (which for those of you who know me know what a rarity that is) plus everyone I’ve encountered has been really nice and/or helpful so it looks like things are shaping up. Still, it keeps me busy for things that I otherwise like to do… for instance, write or watch a movie that I can then write about it.

In fact, this little note is for you people out there that read me regularly as a sort of heads up. This whole training and maintaining a personal life thing isn’t the easiest RIGHT NOW. This is not to say that I will stop writing (although I’m sure that idea just tears you up inside) but to say that, with a new job, there’s got to be a given adjustment period.

Even though it may take a little time (especially with all the morning shifts), writing is still one of my priorities. Even with this job, I remain through and through, a dedicated writer. Please bear with me in this transitional period and I hope to have something to write for you all tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.

Wish me luck! Thanks.


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