Pregnant Asians…

Now I know even the title makes this sound like it’s going to be awful, but I swear, if you just bear with me, you’ll see where I’m going with this. Think about how many Asians there are out there. I know, I know, it’s a pretty abstract thought, but just try to imagine, considering it’s a pretty sizable population. I mean, living in Chicago alone, you see tons of Asian people on the street, obviously especially in Chinatown.

Now, if you can, try to remember all the pregnant Asians you’ve seen. I know it sounds ridiculous, but considering the size of the Asian population, I’ve never seen a pregnant Asian. It sounds absurd, I know, but I was on the train last night and I think I spotted my first one. (I love how I make it sound like I’m hunting an elusive wild bird or something instead of just talking about Asian people…) At least, I think she was pregnant. She was sitting a few seats away from me and her shirt was sort of loose fitting, but I swear I could make out a bump.

That little rant of course brings me to my next rant, not about Asians in particular, but about pregnant women in general. I almost typed folks there, but yeah, I feel pretty safe in boiling it down to women. Now I agree with most ladies out there that there’s a ridiculous standard of beauty set for women. But then again, every rule has its limits. Everyone has at least one story of their friend or a relative who’s asked when the baby was due only to find out that the person in question suffered from a “glandular problem”. I’m so glad that the woman was sitting far enough away from me that I wasn’t in any danger of having to strike up a conversation with her, but perhaps I could have been more discreet in trying to figure out whether it was baby weight or just plain, well, weight.

But I digress. Think on it some and get back to me because I’m really curious about this. Have many people seen many Asians. Of course, one of the guys I know is half Japanese so he has, but seriously, I haven’t seen many of them. I even thought up this elaborate system where I think Asian folks have babies like Tamogachis (borderline racist? perhaps… but I swear I didn’t mean anything by it) but still, something about that just doesn’t seem right so I’d like for other people to weigh in on this one. Let me know about your encounters with pregnant Asians. Actually, let me take that back. As I re-read it, it’s starting to sound like some creepy fetish website…


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