Dear Facebook,
When you first lured me into this predatory relationship, it was with a promise. It was about connection, maintaining the relationships we all knew we were leaving behind once college came. Well, Facebook, you stopped holding up your end of the deal a long time ago. A lot of the people from high school? Present company excluded of course, are the ones I want to forget I even knew.

I gave up on Facebook as a tool for connection a long time ago. Still, I stuck with you. Through all the aesthetic changes and privacy settings, I was on your side. Well, I’m starting to wonder why. See the whole point of this post isn’t to expose Facebook for its failures in keeping us connected or even keeping us entertained. It still keeps me entertained at least. But still, I rely on Facebook for really only one thing and that’s to bring my writing to a wider audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I still write on my own blog, but then Facebook posts my blog entries as notes so that they’re more readily available for those who are interested. Here’s the difficult part. It’s not just a new thing, it’s been happening way too often lately that my posts don’t get… posted, for lack of a better term, and I can’t afford to have that happen. In fact, the whole point of this entry is that I know that the people that still read me probably won’t get this for another couple of days. That being said, I’m going to stop posting on Facebook. It’s just not as reliable as I need it to be.

If you’re still interested in reading, please go to and become a follower. It’s a simple process and it only takes a few minutes and I’d like to think it’s worth your time. As for me and you, Facebook? Don’t consider this a break up, just consider it a break. I think we need some time apart.



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