Why TV Couples Should Never Hook Up

We’ve all had those dream couples, those two people you knew were just perfect for each other even if they couldn’t see it themselves. Well, not in real life. I mean, God, that’d just be creepy, meddling in someone’s life like that? No, I’m talking about those TV couples that fill our nights. For “Gilmore Girls” fans it was the “will they/won’t they?” relationship of Luke and Lorelai, but every show has them. Even if it people can’t understand the more cerebral plot lines of some shows, they can at least understand chemistry and when folks have it.

Here is plea. TV writers, if you’re struggling with a will they/won’t they type relationship… don’t. I’ve seen too many shows suffer from the peak in their popularity by having their dream couple get together too early. And for all you nay sayers, I know for a fact that it can be done. Just look at “The West Wing”. The chemistry between two of its lead players was palpable, but did they cash in on it? Well, yes, probably in a desperate attempt to save their last season’s ratings, but the point is, they waited to cash out and look how well it worked for them.

Now, let’s take a look at the fate of other TV couples shall we? I know I may make it sound like there a re a lot of options for our TV couples out there, but there really aren’t. So the couple hooks up, right? Well, now they usually have to start dating, which can really go on for so many seasons. What follows is marriage which, if you think the dating plot lines and the whole “I never thought I would you see this way” dialogue as the music swells was bad, just wait for the wedding episode. The problem with TV marriages is frequently the problem with real marriages. They’re boring. Why would you want to sit around and watch your favorite couple subject themselves to married life? This, of course, excludes shows that feature a staple married couple to begin with. I’m taking about the change from two single persons, when a lot of shows revolve around the “single life”, to a married couple. It’s worked for some, but not many.

The other, much less popular option is the break-up. Few shows have attempted this before and with good reason. Most shows go with some a little more life altering, like on of the people dying, rather than having two characters break up. Shows that have attempted this break-up of television soul mates have usually suffer the fate of mediocrity. The shows tend to plummet or just plan lose that indescribable spark about them. It sounds insane to invest this much in a TV relationship, but it’s an important aspect of the show itself. Take a look at some of your favorites and I think you’ll see what I mean.


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