Does Nostalgia Make the World Taste Better?

Now, I don’t think there’s a single one of us out there that doesn’t enjoy ice cream. Well, lactose intolerants might not like it so much… but then again, they could always take Lactaid BEFORE they eat ice cream… but that’s not the point. Ice cream is pretty much enjoyed by all.

Even after working at an ice cream store, when I was so sick of the stuff and middle-aged men coming up to me and complaining that “his scoop is bigger” (don’t laugh, it actually happens), I came back around. I missed the fatty-no-friends feeling of ice cream as it melts in your mouth or how you’re instantly transported back to being a little kid. It’s just a happy experience getting ice cream for some reason.

But, if “happy” is how I’d describe ice cream, “ecstatic” is the word that comes to mind when it comes to Dippin’ Dots. How is it that ice cream, albeit in tiny pellets, tastes better than any other ice cream? I honestly don’t know. It’s pretty just freeze-dried preservatives (can’t be too good for you) but there’s something about it. I’m not sure if it melts differently or what, but for those who have had Dippin’ Dots, I’m sure they understand what I’m talking about.

It’s another case of instant nostalgia when I see them. I don’t know, can nostalgia actually make something taste better? I’m sure there’s a highly scientific answer to that, but have I ever been mistaken for a highly scientific guy? Nah, I’m just a nerd who waxes on about trivial things from his childhood.

Still, Dippin’ Dots is one of those irreplaceable parts of childhood. If you’ve never had them, you truly are missing out. WHo knew my love of little ice cream pellets could go on for so long? If you’re still reading, sorry about the rant… I think I’m just hungry.


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