Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)

It only seemed appropriate to name this after a show tune… As people take to the streets after week-long fasts and all0night drinking binges, it’s hard to exactly remember what pride is all about. Don’t get me wrong, in theory, I understand, but somewhere in between its supposed political importance and its celebration of decadence, something’s lost on me.

See, I’m not going to be one of those people who says that bigotry is well and gone. I don’t buy it when people say they aren’t racist because they voted for Obama (because, let’s be real, who really wanted to put Palin in a position of power?) or when they say they aren’t homophobic because the TIVO Ellen. No, we live in a new age of bigotry, where indifference is disguised as acceptance. As we celebrate with decadence, so many people forget that there’s so much left that’s worth fighting for.

This isn’t supposed to be a reminder to people or even supposed to shame people into listening to a political agenda or acting; this is simply my viewpoint. Pride hasn’t lost its importance. in fact, if anything, it’s easy to see it’s still tangled in there amongst the floats of drag queens and shirtless men glistening with baby oil. The need for political activism is even recognized in the parade itself. Granted, it’s usually at the very beginning or the very end (I honestly can’t remember) but it doesn’t receive the publicity or the praise that the age old adage “sex sells” does. But still, there are plenty of things worth fighting for.

While people use the opportunity of publicity to enjoy themselves, it’s easy to see why they would do that. Granted, the self-imposed dieting and work outs seem to embody some of the more superficial qualities of gay men, I can’t complain. People will celebrate as they see fit and while I may not agree with many of the methods, that’s what pride is all about. Enjoy and be safe everybody!


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