A Lament of Lost TV

Let’s clear one thing up right away. No, this is not a lament of Lost TV. Consider it a memorial for those we lost in the great TV Writer’s Strike of ’07. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agreed with their cause, but did there have to be so many casualties? I mean, yes, it was for a good cause and all that, but some of us weren’t ready to let go of our shows, okay?  Most of these weren’t direct results of the strike itself, but they were postponed and that was pretty much the nail in their coffins.

Where did all this bitterness and resent come from, some of you may ask? Well, as I revisited my extensive TV collection (no, seriously, it’s embarrassing) I was looking back at all the shows that I’ve watched grow and eventually fail. Some (Wonderfalls, we hardly knew ye) sooner than others, but none were shaken so profoundly as the 2007-2008 season, which saw the chaotic scheduling of some worthwhile shows. What follows is a list of those lost that were near and dear to my heart.

The Riches

I will say that FX has a way with television, but to compare most FX television to The Riches is to do Minnie Driver a disservice. Con men (and women, for all you PC folks) can be hard to make a series out of, but the fantastic ensemble paired with engaging problems every episode, made this show one to watch. Like every other show, it delivered a stellar first season and was trying to work its way out of the sophomore year slump when the strike hit. The Riches never even saw it coming. But I have faith they’re in a better place now, with shows like Sports Night and Carnivale.

Samantha Who

Samantha Who suffered a different kind of fate. Chugging along at a steady pace, the light and breezy comedy series was severely affected by the writer’s strike. Instead of a swift death, like canceling it entirely and leaving us with fond memories, ABC decided to continue on with the Christina Applegate comedy. Look at it like this, Samantha Who was the brain-dead vegetable that people hoped against hope would pull through. It broke records in its first season, but due to scheduling reasons, it could barely sustain itself in its second. Sadly, it became time to admit that Samantha was fighting a losing battle and with that, America said goodbye to their favorite amnesiac.


Sadly, Reaper was yet another casualty of the strike. The third of these three shows to be cut short in its second season, Reaper was like a Charmed but for dudes. Well, and with the devil and angels and demons instead of witches and demons, but you get the gist. It’s difficult to say what the final nail in the coffin was for the show, but its bounce from Tuesdays to Thursdays, then back to Tuesdays after the writers strike couldn’t have been a positive influence. It was a show with great potential, but never got the opportunity to explore itself. Well, then there was this whole thing where the main actors were going to leave the show anyway…

While the strike was for a noble cause, these shows were lost to the resistance. Although I was sad to see them go, it’s been almost 3 years now and I think it’s time to move on. Consider this the 21 gun salute for those shows lost during or as a result of the strike.


One thought on “A Lament of Lost TV

  1. – CARNIVALE! Ahhhhhh! YES. Great show! Did you watch Deadwood? It started off pretty damn great and then it kind of just died off.
    – Reaper = a Charmed for dudes?! Have we discussed my undying devotion to Charmed?! I seriously still quote it in my daily conversations! Ah, well I’m sad I missed out on Reaper.

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