Isn’t It Bromantic?

There are a lot of cultural phenomenon that I’ve opted out of over the years. Now I’m not saying this as some sort of act of defiance or as a rebel, it’s just fact, pure and simple. I’d even admit I’m probably a little too old-fashioned for my own good. For instance, the trend of 3D films? it’s not enough to say that I’m not on board, because that implies some passivity. No, I actually hate it.

But every so often, there comes along a cultural phenomenon that’s too good to pass up, one that even I can’t turn away. That, my friends, is the legacy of the bromance, or more specifically, I Love You, Man. It’s been around long before Paul Rudd and Jason Segel started slappin’ da bass, but there’s something so enjoyable about the movie that it has no preconceived notions about itself. In fact, one of its major selling points is that it is admittedly a complete bromance.

Have other movies done it better? Sure. In fact, I’d be remiss in writing about a bromance without at least mentioning Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but Butch Cassidy operated under the guise of being a Western. Part of I Love You, Man‘s charms is the relationship between Peter and Sydney is the type of thing we’d expect between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant but without the melodrama of a third act doinking.

I think another strength of the movie though can be attributed to the death of the rom com. I Love You, Man plays off of that with its minor fight between Peter and Hayley, to sort of throw something to the rom com fans in the crowd, but it never loses sight of the relationship between the two males. Romantic comedies so often mislead with the title of the genre even. I can honestly say that there have been very few romantic comedies that have legitimately made me laugh. It’s no wonder that people are starting to take their romance in small doses and instead focus on something to laugh at instead of the grim reality of present day America.

I Love You, Man is perfect, in that regard. It offers a little bit of romance, but upon a repeat viewing, the comedy still holds up incredibly well. After all, it’d be nice to have something to laugh about these days and it certainly is coming from real life, so where else is there to turn? Sure, there are plenty of other bromances, but if you want it done right, I Love You, Man has an exceptional cast, a little bit of romance, and plenty of funny to keep you occupied for its 1 hr and 45 minute running time.


3 thoughts on “Isn’t It Bromantic?

  1. Ha yes! I adored I love you man, and have always thought men could be more open about their feelings. As always you’re more than a delight to read my dear friend! Also..I kinda wanted to see/hear/read you going into a big rant on why 3D movies are ending life as we know it. Just sayin. =)

  2. Great movie. To my wife’s dismay, I probably quoted that film for weeks. Great post. I agree that romcom is dying a slow and painfully deserved death.

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