These Are My Confessions Pt. 1

We all have things we hide from others, by and large it’s a testament to our natural insecurities, but recently, their has been a break through. People are now able to be themselves more freely with the help of the internet. Sure, we cowardly hide behind anonymity in our posts, but it sure feels a lot better to air our grievances or sometimes share our dirty little secrets. Well, truth be told, anonymity is for pussies.

My name’s Calhoun Kersten and for your own personal enjoyment and my own piece of mind, these are some of my internet confessions.

1) For those of you hep cats, up to date in the online music community, you may have heard of Last.FM. For those of you who may not have, it’s a website which keeps a live feed of the music you play on iTunes. It’s like a Facebook or a MySpace but for your musical tastes. That being said… I turn my Last.FM off every time any of the following artists come on… Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Nelly Furtado, The Dixie Chicks… okay, I have a lotta secret shameful artists, let’s be real.

2) Also, in the same vein, I reset my playcount on iTunes every couple of months to hide my embarrassment at how often I replay songs. Another way of getting around this is just stopping a few seconds shy of playing the whole song, but you hafta be super attentive to know when to stop. 53 plays of “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” from the Hercules soundtrack just doesn’t lie. It also isn’t something you want too many people looking through your music to know.

3) I totally set up an account at HotorNot when I was a college freshman. The good news? According to random people from the internet that I probably will never meet, I am what would be classified as “hot”. The bad news? I’m still receiving e-mails from the website and I don’t know how to turn it off. I’m sure it’s simple enough, but then I’d hafta go to HotorNot to figure it out.

4) Facebook’s “News feed” will be my undoing. Not only does my thought process ramble on, but when I see that someone tagged a picture of someone I haven’t talked to in a while, I’ll click on it. That person will inevitably remind me of someone else that I haven’t talked to in a while, so I’ll hafta look them up. This goes on and on, until I see that I’ve wasted several hours of my day doing this and feel bad about myself.

5) Finally, and perhaps the most embarrassing, I take painstaking care to avoid looking at my blog stats on here. We’re talkin’ even to the point of me shielding my eyes whenever I log on, just so I don’t hafta see it. if that doesn’t work,I just go to so that I can go straight to “New Post” without passing “Dashboard”. Yes, my self esteem is that tied up in what I do… for fun… on the internet.


3 thoughts on “These Are My Confessions Pt. 1

  1. Good for you Cal! I personally have an obsession with my blog stats. Don’t know why. If no one reads it, no one reads it…but it’s nice to know that people care! Here’s my internet confession…I met my husband on ICQ. In 1998. Yup.

  2. I’m one of the anonymous pussies out there that don’t give out their identifying information, but I just wanted to say that I’ve read through a couple things you’ve posted and I generally enjoy them. I’ll keep an eye on you and hope grad school doesn’t get you down too much. ❤ Keep writing, not a lot of people know how to do that anymore.

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