Photogenic Drunks

From a very young age we’re taught about the hazards of alcohol. It kills brain cells, don’t drink and drive and so on and so forth. I don’t wanna discount these things because they’re all very valid. In fact, if someone went so far as to say that alcohol does more harm than good, I’m not sure I’d entirely disagree… but that could just be my mild hangover talking… Okay, but back to the point. Alcohol is a dangerous substance at times and well worth the warnings. My only question is, why does no one warn you about this?

That’s right folks, the drunk pic. No one is bringing sexy back (no matter how hard they try) with the drunk pic. In fact, sexy is pretty much dead and buried when it comes to these types of photos, but we always pose like we’re hot shit. I use “we” here because I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone on this. Oh, and for those wondering, yes, that’s a Santa hat and a handle of rum.

But to better explain this phenomenon, lemme tell you a little bit about me. I’m not a photo kinda guy. In fact, in family pictures, I’m the guy hiding in back. The only time I ever really break my “no photo” rule is for babies and zoo outings. You’d think I’d be kidding about that, but no, I’m really not… So why now?

The answer? Well, I’m not gonna pretend that I have one… and even if I did, I drank enough to forget it, so here we are again, back where I started. It’s an unexplainable phenomenon I guess. Like spontaneous human combustion or why Oprah thinks people want to see her on the cover of her own magazine every goddamn month. Still, as long as there is liquor and there are cameras, be they crappy phone cameras or iSight, I can guarantee you that I won’t be the only one taking pictures they regret in the morning.


One thought on “Photogenic Drunks

  1. know what I think, people give prissy reasons to get away from all those people who try to warn them about the ill effects of drinking. If one realizes about how dangerous it can be, they’d never do it. The problem is to realize before it’s too late.

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