First Impressions in a New Apartment

How many of us think about the first impressions we make when we move to a new apartment? Okay, some people might, but I bet a large majority never really think about it. In fact, most folks probably think of their first impressions with their neighbors as the first time they meet, exchange names, and shake one another’s hands.

But is that really the case? I know for a fact that it isn’t for me. See, I live in a bit of an older building. The floorboards creak and the heavy sound of footsteps whenever someone goes up or down the stairs is usually the first thing in the morning. It’s not as bad as it sounds. But that got me thinking, if I can hear people out in the hall… how much can they hear me? That is your first impression.

So I decided to perform a little experiment. Listen to me, I sound like Bill Nye… anyways, I turned my computer up as loud as it could go, pressed play on some Black Flag and left the apartment. Once I was out in the hall, I realized just how bad it was… Maybe it’s just because I know the lyrics to most of these songs, but I could make out just about every word. I shudder to think of everything else they heard. Especially considering the location of my bathroom in proximity to my front door (a meere foot or two from one another) and I’m a big shower singer… well, you can connect the dots.

Moral of the story? You get to know your neighbors a lot sooner than when you actually meet them. What my neighbors know about me? Well, lemme see…

I’m a baritone, more of a bass on a sick day. Either way you slice it, I hope they like Mumford & Sons and Landon Pigg because I haven’t been listening to anything else for the past few days.

When bored, I watch a lot of TV shows, such as Gilmore Girls and Scooby Doo. Believe me, I already know how weird the combination is, so we don’t need to touch on that.

I prefer to work out in the comfort of my own home. I’m re-evaluating this one. I know that when the people above me move furniture at about 3 in the morning (at least i hope that’s what’s happening up there…) it scares the living shit outta me and the grunts I make during my last set of incline push ups can’t sound good to a casual observer.

None of these things are particularly telling, but when pieced together? Well, I’d probably make an active effort to avoid someone like me… So think about it, your first impression isn’t always your first meeting. It’s probably too late for me, but keep it in mind for any other new residents.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions in a New Apartment

  1. I know exactly what you mean. In our last apartment, our first impression of our neighbours upstairs were due to their two year old son. Who didn’t know the meaning of “calm down”. It was like living under elephants. We’re lucky that our new place – while we can hear the upstairs neighbours – isn’t nearly as bad as the old house we used to live in.

  2. I too live in a new apartment with paper walls. I never once was concerned about the people below me until reading this. I use a duffel bag filled with gravel to work out with so you do the math.

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