Comic Identity Crisis

Don’t ask me to explain, because I really couldn’t, but for me, there’s always been some tension in the comic book world. The two heavyweights? In one corner, there’s the obvious choice of Batman and in the other? We’ve got goody-two shoes Superman. Now I was going to claim objectivity here, but let’s be real, this whole thing is about about my preference.

I guess the weirdest part about this whole thing is that, Batman and Superman aren’t really at odds with each other, but somehow I’ve managed to pit fans against one another. I don’t know why it is, especially considering they’ve even worked together, but I can’t reconcile the two in my mind.

See, I’m gonna do my best to explain my crazy to you, but knowing my track record, I’m not expecting much… regardless, here’s my thing with Superman. He’s all well and good, a real stand-up guy but I just can’t get behind his story. Okay, I’m willing to overlook the whole alien thing, but even when I get passed that, there’s so much more to conquer.

What it boils down to really is all about struggle. Sure, Batman has had it pretty easy whereas Superman was raised on middle class Americana, but there’s more to it than financials. Superman lost his family when he was young and was able to piece together some sense of self with his new life on Earth, but Batman? He lost his family as a young man when they were gunned down in front of him, how traumatizing is that? I guess what it boils down to is that I feel that Batman had more sincere emotional hurdles that he had to overcome whereas Superman struggled with identity, but found some peace. Batman’s struggle continues.

Another piece that has always disturbed me about Superman is his writers in general. I mean, credit to them for creating such an iconic hero who has inspired so many for so long, but seriously? The man is practically invincible. I mean, he always had kryptonite, but even that seems to have become a moot point, although the various colors of kryptonite was a nice touch. It was just way too easy for them to write out what few flaws the man had. What’s the fun in a hero who can do just about anything?

It’s all about the damaged goods for me. Lord, I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s just me, I guess. Anyways, thanks for reading all the way through my nerd-gasm. I promise I’ll be cooler tomorrow.


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