Melissa Leo ‘Fucks’ up the Oscars

Well, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of bloggers have said it better than I ever could. Sunday nights sanctimonious and self-congratulatory ceremony was as dull as dirt, save one solid controversial moment. That’s right folks, I’m here to talk about the F bomb that Melissa Leo dropped in her acceptance speech… I’m not sure why I wrote “f bomb” back there. After all, I’m not afraid of the word fuck. Those of you who have read my stuff before know this and, hell, those people who are reading this now know that. I mean, I put it in the title for Christ’s sake.

Now Melissa Leo is already a controversial lady. For those not up on there shallow and vapid Hollywood news cycle, Ms. Leo first made headlines, well, hopefully for her performance, but also for a certain ad she paid for in Variety. The ad in question? A full-page ad of… herself. Now I see both sides of the coin. Yes, it comes off as a little bit desperate and if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s not the greatest picture so that doesn’t help matters. But for people that think the Oscars isn’t about campaigning and whoring yourself out to the talk show circuit? Well, your naivety is just adorable. It’s just as much about how you sell yourself as it is about the role you play. Sadly, this was just the beginning of melissa leo’s controversy in the past few months. You know the one I’m talking about, you know, the one that millions saw on Sunday night?

Fuck. The word alone is a divisive one. Some people, such as myself, love it. Its roughness, its coarse sound, but most importantly its ability to shock and awe. I mean, if you think about it, it’s pretty impressive the weight that a four letter word carries. Other people despise it for the very same reasons I love it. Judging from her speech, Melissa leo belongs in the former category. Now I get why people may have been offended by its use in her acceptance speech, but sometimes, there’s really just no way around it. It conveys a very particular sentiment that it sort of seems there are just no other words. So why is Melissa leo scrambling to cover her own ass in this little outburst?

We live in a society that values propriety. Or at least, we like to pretend we do. Pair this with our unadulterated adoration of celebrities and you’re left with a certain expectation. Sure, we want to see them at their worst or shopping, like the rest of us do, but it comes with a double standard. On one level, we want them to be like us, but we still want them to be better than us. There are certain things the rest of us can get away with, that celebrities just shouldn’t do. For instance, how many people out there smoke pot? I can tell ya Michael Phelps is one of ’em, but God forbid he own up to the fact that he does something so pedestrian (and yes, technically illegal, but that’s a whole other issue) as smoking weed. Melissa Leo just became the latest victim to that double standard.

Personally, I think I love her even more for it. I don’t think we should be afraid of the word.I’m not saying it should be used every other word, but the only reason the word “fuck” has any power to it, is because of the stigma we assign to it. Even leaving personal politics aside, it shows some humility. Still, the main thing that I take away from this is a bit of humor. How many times does her character in The Fighter, the role she won the Oscar for, use the word fuck? It’s not the most common word, but her character is certainly unafraid to use it. But the actress playing her isn’t allowed to use it in her own life? It just seems a little backwards to me, that’s all. So I’d like to thank Melissa leo for her little slip-up. Ms. leo, if you’re reading this somewhere, thanks for”fuck”-ing up the Oscars. It made the tedium a little more bearable.


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