Shameless Self Promotion

Today was a slow news day anyway.

I mean, besides everything that’s going on in Japan… and that huge bust of, like 200 or 300 children who were rescued from child trafficking in Europe…

Okay, maybe it’s not a slow news day, but it’s a slow day for me. That’s why I urge all of my dear readers to check out some of my links and some other recommended blogs.

My Other Blogs
Reasons Why I’m Still Single– You ever have those nagging thoughts where you think “oh dear lord, this is why I’m dying alone?” No? Okay, maybe that’s just a me thing, but this is dedicated to all of those nagging thoughts. If you like what you read, think about subscribing or submitting some of your own! If you’re interested in sending in some of your own, please submit to

Random Letters to the World– There are some times when you’ve got plenty to say, but no one to say them to. This blog is dedicated to these people. Do I actually think Marky Mark is gonna read my post and give up acting? I can hope, but I doubt it… Once again, submissions are welcome at

Other Notable Blogs
According to Lizz– Fellow film student and new blogger, Lizz is dedicated to the more “academic” pursuit of film. That is to say, she doesn’t use “fuck” nearly as much as I do. Check out her new page for some insight into film from a first-time blogger!

Phrozen Ice Cream– Another blog near and dear to my heart, this is dedicated to living a green life as a vegan ice cream maker. This is run by two good friends who have some impressive dedication to their cause. Check it out for all things vegan and stick around for the amazing writing.

Massively Attacked– Massively attacked is dedicated to, well, nothing in particular. It’s a fantastically written blog that pay a little attention to all of it; personal, music, movies, and everything else you could ask for. You will not be disappointed!


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