Misery Loves Company

We all know the old saying, “misery loves company.” It’s reserved for the particularly cruel and bitter who only seem to get some sort of enjoyment from making others suffer with them or at least drown them in their own self-pity. Well, I don’t wanna go so far as to say I’m miserable and I’m definitely not one to try and take others down with me. See, I’ve found a better solution and a better saying, especially for the dispirited and disheartened.

“Misery loves drinking buddies.” It’s simple, direct, and to the point. because here’s the thing, who doesn’t think that when something bad happens, whether it be a death or a breakup, things might get a little better or you might get a little perspective with a couple of beers? Now I know what most of you are probably thinking and I swear, I do not have a drinking problem. It’s just, after any painful event in one’s life, who doesn’t wanna live with a little reckless abandon? Throw caution to the wind and really tie on one.

Besides, for all you nay sayers, I have a question. How many women (or men) do you know that go on an ice cream binge or a chocolate craze after faced with a break-up? Do you say that they have an eating disorder? yeah, I thought not…

Alright, now that I’m done with the hostile portion of my post, try and think about it. For those of you who are of age and enjoy drinking, I can’t in good conscience ever recommend that somebody drinks alone… because, yeah, I’m pretty sure that is called alcoholic, but like I said, misery loves drinking buddies.

I found this out first hand the other night after receiving some rough news about my grandmother. What was my first response?

Drink the pain away.

Now, I was sad, but I wasn’t sad enough that drinking alone was really an option, so luckily, found myself surrounded by good food and good company. If we’re being entirely honest though, it was all about the bar.

After a couple drinks and a shot or two here or there (okay, more than that… but still) who isn’t feeling a little bit better? I know that I certainly was…

But here’s where we run into a little problem. Language is nothing without a group of people to use it. So, here’s my recommendation (and tell your friends) cuz it’s a simple change. “Misery loves company” is out.

Misery loves drinking buddies.


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