‘Final Destination 2’ Death Strikes Back

It’s a rarity when a horror sequel finds a way to live up to the original. Final Destination 2 is no exception to that rule. Working off the original premise of the first film, some weird psychic forces give a young girl a premonition (have we ever figured out what the fuck is goin’ on there?) only to be all, like “psych, we’re gonna kill you anyway.” The rest of the movie is about a bunch of alarmingly clueless and one-dimensional people trying to stave off death. The best part of the movie? Pretty much whenever they fail.

The weird thing about Final Destination 2 is that, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who will argue for this movie’s strong sense of self and narrative cohesion. In short, it’s a bad movie. I think most people, except for the occasional horror fanatic, can agree that Final Destination 2 doesn’t bring much else to the table. Then why do I love it so much? It’s not an easy question to answer, but I think it has a little something to do with the environment you watch the movie in.

To give you an idea, let me recap the most recent viewing. It was at a friend’s house, with several people and several bottles of tequila. That is the only way to watch Final Destination 2. It’s more of a social experience than it is an actual movie, and ya know what? I can’t pretend like I’ve got a problem with that.

One of the things about Final Destination 2 that makes it as fun and worthless as it is, is that it never really takes itself very seriously. I mean, with a premise that starts off with a massive pile-up and ends with a barbecued arm, are you really expecting a lot of logic here? Because if you’re looking for a solid progression of events, I would actually recommend the first one, Final Destination, butFinal Destination 2 falls into place with most other horror sequels. However, it’s sense of humor and reckless abandon of narrative or character development gives it a slightly competitive edge over its competition.

Still, there are painfully slow segments where Final Destination 2 borders on taking itself seriously. I’d hafta look at the numbers, but there’s a solid chunk, maybe 20 minutes or more, that is completely blood free. especially with teasing us with such a strong opening (the pile-up on the freeway itself), to go back to exposition is just cruel. After all, we all know that there’s not much these folks can do to stop death’s grand design, why should we hafta suffer through their brainstorming sessions?

But Final Destination 2 does what it can to make up for it. When it gets back into the swing of things, it offers up a fun, little bloodbath. That’s one of the things that Final Destination 2 actually does better than its predecessor. The death scenes in this movie are absolutely unreal. No, seriously, if you ever took physics or know even a modicum of information about human anatomy, you won’t be able to believe this. Still, it’s over-exaggerated and often hilarious death scenes make it a memorable entry into the world of horror sequels. Just don’t go into it expecting to know much about the characters or even why things are happening the way they are. On second thought, don’t go into it sober and you’ll be just fine.


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