Tami Taylor Promotional Bio

For all of those who have read me regularly or know me in real life, it’s no surprise that I’m a Friday Night Lights fan. For those who don’t know, one of my favorite female characters in the history of television is one Mrs. Tami Taylor. For class this week, we had to write promotional star biographies. I know it sounds weird, but when you think about the fact that this is grad school and it’s for a class called “Stardom & celebrity Culture” I guess it’s not that odd…. ANyway, here’s my piece on the ordinary life of fictional Tami Taylor. Friday Night Lights fans, enjoy!

Tami Taylor is the wife of the award-winning Coach Eric Taylor, but to characterize her as just a wife would do a great disservice to Tami Taylor’s stellar professional record as well. Although some of her actions may have been unpopular with the residents of Dillon, Texas, she has proven herself committed to both her job and her family.
Tami’s dedication family may have stemmed from her personal relationships with her own. Little is known about her father, but Tami’s strained relationship with her own mother, who often disapproved of her behavior, has been a great source of inspiration for her own relationship with her two daughters, Julie and Gracie Bell. Although Tami has a younger sister, Shelley, most of Tami’s familial relationships have proven difficult. However, they have always been a group of people she could rely on, something she came to realize when her sister came to help take care of Gracie Bell as Tami prepared to return to work.
Still, it’s important to recognize how Ms. Taylor’s beginnings have influenced her own family life with Coach Eric Taylor. The two met and were married at a young age. Shortly after, Tami gave birth to her first child, Julie. Throughout Julie’s childhood, Tami has constantly cared for her, while supporting her husband’s career. However, as Julie grew older, Tami began to realize that she had more to offer than just the role of caregiver to her family. With that, she joined Dillon High as their guidance counselor, a position that was almost threatened when she became pregnant again with her second child, Gracie Bell.
However, soon after Gracie Bell was born, Tami proved that she could have it all. She returned to her work as guidance counselor at Dillon High soon after the birth of her daughter, while doing her best to remain a constant strong influence in her newborn’s life. Evidently her work, both at home and in the workplace paid off because she was quickly promoted to Principal of the school, which proved unpopular with some. Still, it perhaps her professional demeanor as well as personal investment that makes Tami such a strong role model to young women. Even as acting Principal, she remained dedicated to troubled youth, such as Tyra Collette, who she took under her wing and provided a positive female influence. This loyalty to those in her life, as well as her commitment to helping the underprivileged, were both factors in her decision to leave her position as Principal of Dillon High when the school split in 2008. When the town was divided into East Dillon, which was largely impoverished, and West Dillon, Tami felt the need to get where she would be most useful, once again returning to her position as guidance counselor, but in East Dillon this time around.

Although her time there was characterized as controversial to say the least, she left a lasting impression on the school, before moving on to become the Dean of Admissions at a small liberal arts college in Philadelphia, where she continues to work.


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