Happy Birthday… to me

Yeah, I just went there.
Since it’s a dark day, as birthdays usually are… seriously, just imagine Sixteen Candles without Jake Ryan.
Man, I just derailed my own train of thought.
Anyways, since it’s a bit of a busy day, I won’t have time to post much else besides this sad, pathetic, and desperate plea.
Ya know how every person gets one birthday wish?
Well, if you have any regard for me whatsoever, check out my other blogs today.
Tell your friends! Or don’t. I don’t really acre either way.
But just know, if you deny me this, I’ll know.
In the interest of not getting shut down by Homeland Security, the obviously in good humor, semi-veiled threats stop here.
But please, just take a quick moment to check out some of my other materials.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… to me

    • Oh no!
      My sink is currently plugged up so I’m convinced most of my day will be spent waiting for my landlord and/or a plumber, but it’s not all bad.
      I was gonna delay a celebration till the weekend anyway, so let’s just call this a dry run, eh? haha

    • I’m thoroughly convinced that I have the best readers!
      Thanks for all the birthday wishes, but even more so, thanks to everyone for reading and being so vocal in the comments section.
      It’s one of my favorite parts about blogging!

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