5 Trends That Need to Die

5. Uggs with Coach Purses

I understand that style is an individual thing, but this one just confuses me. So, you want to flaunt that you have money, yes? But you also want to dress comfortably? See, to me, this just sends two very different signals. It looks like you want to prove that you’ve got money or status or whatever you wanna call it. That’s your thing. I personally don’t go for it, but do whatchu wanna do. But then you still dress like you’re doing laundry every day. What’s that about?

4. Big Ass Sunglasses

Okay, I know that these started with Jackie O, but these need to go away. Yes, it’s true that the First lady was a fashion icon or whatever, but let’s face it, she was crazy hot. She looked good in anything. Okay, maybe not towards the end there, but you get what I’m saying. She wasn’t hot because she wore the big ass sunglasses. The big ass sunglasses became popular because she was hot. On most other people they just make you look like a bug…

3. Spending An Hour, Trying to Dress Like You Don’t Care

I don’t pretend to be fashion forward. In fact, most people can attest that I dress like shit. No, seriously, my only criteria for clothing is “does it smell?” If it passes the smell test, we’re good to go. But this is like the Uggs thing. People spend entirely too long getting dressed in thrift store t-shirts with sweat stains and vintage jeans that don’t fit. I’m not against the clothes they wear, just how long they take to put an outfit together that I could have thrown together 9and often do) because it’s the first thing I pick up off the floor.

2. Super Thick Glasses

Okay, you can’t begrudge the people that actually need them, but this hipster trend of taking pretty girls and attractive guys and slapping coke bottle frames on their face? It’s gotta go. I mean, half the time the glasses aren’t even prescription so you know it’s pretty much a style choice, but.. well, what style is that? Making yourself less attractive is a style choice now? Because I’ve been doing that for years and nobody’s ever complimented me on it.

1. Novelty T-Shirts

If you need to wear a shirt to express how you think, you’re probably not doing too much thinking.


2 thoughts on “5 Trends That Need to Die

    • Haha absolutely!
      If you feel the need to wear your patriotism, literally, on a shirt but still don’t take an active role in your government? We’ve got a problem

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