What’s wrong with a little frivolity?

I wouldn’t describe myself as a very serious man. Granted, I type this as I sit in a crowded coffee shop with a pair of Boba Fett headphones around my neck… but frequently, I find myself in a position here I do my best to hide it. Granted, when you’re a guy like me and you literally wear your geek-dom on your sleeves (or your ribs or your calf) it’s a little difficult, but the question is, why?

Not why is it difficult. The answer to that is clear enough. I made a conscious decision to get the Batman tattoo and the Boba Fett headphones and the collectible figurines. But what is the connection between not hanging on to toys and being taken seriously as an adult?

Does my Stormtroopers poster somehow negate my ability to think cognitively? Does my love of comics prevent me from being able to make responsible life decisions? Okay, well, maybe I don’t make the best life decisions, but I can assure you, that’s on me, not on my collection of comic book memorabilia.

So I ask you, what’s wrong with a little frivolity?


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